Accommodation in Vienna - Host Families

We believe that full immersion is the best way to really learn a language. Staying and living with a real Viennese family is the best way to learn German as fast as possible. And furthermore you will be able to gain intercultural competence.

Living with a Viennese Host Family

We want to offer you the best possible learning environment.

We focus entirely on homestay programs which means that you will be living with a host family.

We believe that living in a host family is the best way of learning both the German language as well as getting to know the Austrian and Viennese culture. For us – there simply is no better way.
And we are dedicated to offer the best opportunity for you to learn, practice and improve your German language skills as well as get to know our culture.

You will become a part of the family.

We've ourselves experienced both staying in a host family and living in a hotel during language studies – it is a very big difference. Most hotels are the same worldwide or at least very similar – there are no big differences and there is little contact to locals. And English seems to be the number one choice of communication for hotel employees when talking to foreigners.

In comparison when living in a host family you will eat the same food they usually eat, they will tell you about their daily life in Vienna, their work, their education, their hobbies, important holidays and how they are celebrated in Austria, how they spend their spare time and that way you will get to know the Austrian culture and way of living. And not to forget: you will talk to your host family in German, your host family will talk to you in German. This way you will be able to practice and use your German language skills in real-life situations. You will get to know different dialects and see how Austrians and Viennese do really sound and talk.

Host families - who are they?

The term “host family” does not correspond to the classical “family”-term. There are a lot of different possibilities of who is considered to be a host family: it could be parents with young kids or kids of your age, older couples whose kids have moved out or even single persons.

As a host family needs to offer a free room, a lot of our host families are couples whose kids have already moved out.

Our host families are finely selected. We visit each family and inspect the room they offer. Furthermore we will conduct a profound interview with them.
We do not accept everybody as a host family. We have a very high quality standard because we want you to feel welcomed and at home within your host family.
Besides offering a nice room in a sober apartment our host families have to: be very friendly, interested and open to other cultures, like young people and talk actively to you to get you talking.

You do not need to be afraid of your first day in Vienna. Upon your arrival you will be greeted nicely and also receive our welcome package.

What can you expect from your host family?

Before departure Please contact your host family, preferably by e-mail. Please tell your host family the time when you will arrive at Sunday.
Arrival Upon arrival, the host family will make a tour with you through the apartment or the house and show you the community rooms (kitchen, living room) as well as the sanitary facilities (bathroom, toilet) and of course your room. The house rules are also explained to you.
Key deposit The host family will give you a house key in exchange of a deposit of 100.- euros. Upon your departure, you will receive the deposit back when you return the key - please do not lose the key!
Washing machine You can use the washing machine of the family. Some families charge a small fee, for example, 1.- € per wash cycle.
WLAN Our host families have WLAN. Most offer it for free, some families charge a small usage fee, e.g. 1.- € per day.
Bath/toilet The bathroom and toilet are shared with members of the host family.
Refrigerator You can use the refrigerator for storing your goods.
Breakfast The breakfast is consumed according to the habits of the host family together or alone in self-service.
Dinner If you have booked half-board, the host family will tell you when the dinner will take place. Please be on time and let them know in advance if you are late or can not attend dinner because you are eating out.

Living in a Host Family offers a lot of advantages.

  • A warm welcome on the day of your arrival
  • Opportunity of using and improving your German skills in real-life situations
  • Get to know how Viennese/Austrian people really live in their everyday lives
  • Eat and taste the Viennese cuisine like it is practiced in your host family
  • your host family will help you out with everyday problems and answer routine questions
  • Establish a life-long international contact
  • listen to your host family when they tell you about their life in Vienna and about holidays, feasts, hobbies, etc. and finally...
  • live like a Viennese yourself


Breakfast - B&B

Choose the board style "bed&breakfast" when you want to consume only breakfast. Your host family will provide you with breakfast everyday. Depending on the host families living style and house rules breakfast might be consumed together with the members of the host family or alone in self-service.


If you want breakfast and dinner you choose half-board. Dinner will be consumed together with your host family: it will give you the opportunity to get to know Austrian and Viennese Cuisine. You will eat what your host family usually eats and talk about your day, your lives and anything you want. It is a great opportunity to practice your German skills, get to know Austrian natives and their lifestyles and also tell them more about your culture and the country you come from. There is just no better way to really get to know a foreign culture than by living with a family and see how they live on a daily basis.

Arrival & Departure

Arrival: All our German Courses start on Mondays, students are expected to arrive the Sunday before.

Please inform us about your arrival time and means of transportation as soon as you have booked them. Please also inform your host family about your time of arrival, so that they can prepare to meet you. (Otherwise no one might be at home to welcome you!)

We offer transportation from the airport or the train/bus station. Please book this transportation under "Booking Free Text" in your registration.

Departure: is on Saturday after your course has ended.

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