We will gladly be of help, should you require visa.

First, you have to contact the Austrian embassy or consulate in your country:

To apply for visa you will have to present them our booking confirmation.

However, we can only send you a booking confirmation, if the whole amount for course and accommodation has been paid.

Procedure of visa receipt:

  1. You have to decide for the starting date and duration of your course, book it and pay the full amount of course and accommodation.

  2. We will send you the booking confirmation. On request we can send this booking confirmation via email to the Austrian embassy where you have applied for the visa. If you need an original of the booking confirmation via mail, we can do so but you have to pay for the postal charges. All costs regarding obtaining visa will have to be borne by yourself.

  3. Should you not obtain the visa, we will refund you the paid fees for course and accommodation minus a service fee of 100.- €. To get refunded you have to send us a copy of the visa rejection of our embassy or consulate at least 14 days before the course starts – either via email or mail.

Receiving visa can take some time, sometimes even months. Please take this into consideration and apply for visa early enough.

Please contact us before registering so we can clear any problems that might arise beforehand.

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