German Course for Beginners

Learn German from scratch in mini groups of max. 5 students per class

  • Small classes – max. 5 students

  • Small family-run school - very personal service

Total beginners courses include:

  • 4 weeks of German tuition from Monday - Friday
  • all learning materials, including Alingua Concordis booklets
  • homework from Monday – Thursday (voluntarily, though strongly recommended especially for total beginners)
  • a lot of useful information material about Vienna
  • Alingua Concordis Certificate
Course Duration Group Tuition
Total Beginners Course 4 weeks Mon - Fri

In our courses for Total Beginners you start with zero knowledge of German but will be able to hold small conversations by the end of the first week!

For those who want to intensify their German learning experience even more, we offer additional units of individual tuition at a discount rate.

Dates Three times a year – please check the starting dates here!
Size of classes max. 5 students per class
Level of language knowledge Zero/none
Duration 4 weeks
Units 60 units in total, 3 units a day, 15 units a week from Mon-Fri, one 15-minute coffee break a day
Teachers Our teachers are all native speakers of German and are chosen to be of a very friendly, heartening character, so that our students feel welcomed and understood.. However, they also possess a good working knowledge of the English language. Our teachers are experienced in teaching the German language to non-native speakers.
Methods of teaching/learning Communicative & intercultural approach, explanation of grammar & exercises, role-plays, individual, partner & group work, written & oral exercises, response to student questions
Class rooms Class rooms are rented according to bookings. Early bookings are therefore very important for us. Please register early and you'll get a 15% Early Bird discount!
1 Unit 45 minutes
Minimum age 16 years
Fees Please check our course fees here!

Advantages of mini groups

Our classes do not exceed 5 persons but may very well be even smaller. The fewer students per class the more intense the tuition will become.

  • You will be able to speak a lot more
  • The learning experience is much more intense than in a larger group
  • The fewer students, the more intense the tuition becomes.

Contents of course

Group Tuition

From the first day on you will start talking in German actively. At the end of the week you will be able to hold small conversations and present yourself in German.

We will cover various topics to help you build-up vocabulary, explain grammer and do exercises. Teachers will use different methods to exercise and help you use and remember the newly learned words and grammer matters like small role-plays, listening comprehensions, fill-in texts, wrtiting exercises, etc.

Typical topics in Total Beginners Courses are greeting & getting to know each other, presenting yourself, family, hobbies and professions, nationalities, countries, etc.

We do not only teach German but we also want to share as much of our culture with you as possible. Therefor we often work with texts about Austrian and Viennese culture. This way you will get to know more about our traditions and people, our feasts, history and monuments.


It is up to yourself how intense you want your German learning experience to be!

Our teachers will assign you homework from Monday to Thursday. This will give you the opportunity to practice grammar and new vocabulary all alone at home. It will help you remember the newly learned and give you the opportunity to ask questions the next day in class.

The teacher will then either discuss the homework during class or take it home to correct it there. The more students take part in the homework the better the teacher can see if there are similar mistakes or what aspects should be explained better.

Though we strongly recommend to do your assignments (especially for total beginners it is very important to do exercises regularly to get to used to the German language), homework is always voluntarily!

Just please take into consideration that the discussion of the homework is part of the class, so please remain relaxed so others can discuss their homework.

Subsequent Course

If you are a total beginner of the German language you can also stay longer - after completing our Total Beginners Course you can proceed to one of our courses of General German - either Premium or Standard Course. However, make sure you book both courses at the same time, otherwise you might risk not getting into the subsequent course of General German as it might be fully booked. E.g. If you want to stay for 7 weeks in total and are an absolute beginner, you should book the course for total beginners and at the same time book a course of General German that starts right after the total beginners course ends.

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