Business German Course

Learn German in mini groups of max. 5 students per class

  • Small classes – max. 5 students

  • Strong focus on conversation - to improve your talking skills

  • Small family-run school - very personal service

Business German Courses includes:

  • 10 weeks of Business Communication German tuition twice a week
  • homework (voluntarily)
  • all learning materials, including Alingua Concordis booklets
  • a lot of useful information material about Vienna
  • Alingua Concordis Certificate
Course Duration Group Tuition
Business German 10 weeks Tue & Thurs
Dates Only twice a year – please check the starting dates here!
Size of classes 3 - 5 students per class
Level of language knowledge You need a good working knowledge of German, intermediate – advanced learners
Duration 10 weeks
Special Strong focus on improving talking skill
Units 40 units in total; 2 units per date
Course times The course starts at 17:30
Teachers Our Business German Course will be held by a German speaking native teacher holding a degree in business administration and/or having worked in a business environment.
Methods of teaching/learning Communicative & intercultural approach, collective gathering of specialized terminology & important phrases, repetition of grammar & exercises, role-plays, discussions, listening comprehension, individual, partner & group work, reading texts, written & oral exercises, response to student questions, case studies, analysis of texts, interpreting diagrams & statistics, related to practice
Class rooms Class rooms are rented according to bookings. Early bookings are therefore very important for us. Please register early and you'll get a 15% Early Bird discount!
1 Unit 45 minutes
Minimum age 16 years
Fees Please check our course fees here!
Miscellaneous Only Business German class, no General German

Advantages of mini groups

Our classes do not exceed 5 persons but may very well be even smaller. The fewer students per class the more intense the tuition will become.

  • You will be able to speak a lot more
  • The learning experience is much more intense than in a larger group
  • The fewer students, the more intense the tuition becomes.
  • We can focus better on the needs of everybody.

Strong focus on conversation

Our experience shows that students want and need to train their talking ability the most. Usually they are already very strong in grammar and their writing skills. The weakest point usually is the ability to express themselves orally in German properly and fluently. Therefor we decided to focus on improving your talking skill. Our small classes will give you the opportunity to talk a lot - everybody just gets to talk more as there are only a few students.

Your listening comprehension will also be trained at the same time - all teachers are native speakers of German. Short reviews and exercices of grammar or pronunciation and vocabulary build-up complement our classes.

Contents of course

Group Tuition

During group tuition we will focus on typical situations of written and oral communication that you will encounter in the German-speaking business world. Typical topics of oral expression are: telephoning, conducting negotiations, presentations, meetings, etc. of written expression: business letters, emails, memos, business reports, etc. Reading and discussion material that we will also use to rehearse some grammar topics or use for vocabulary build-up will focus on certain business areas like marketing or sales or other business-related topics like industries, markets, products, etc.


It is up to yourself how intense you want your German learning experience to be!
Our teachers will assign you homework. This will give you the opportunity to practice grammar and new vocabulary all alone at home. It will help you remember the newly learned and give you the opportunity to ask questions the next day in class. 
The teacher will then either discuss the homework during class or take it home to correct it there. The more students take part in the homework the better the teacher can see if there are similar mistakes or what aspects should be explained better.
However, it is up to yourself! We are a language school but we are not like school. Our homework is voluntarily. If you do not want to do it, you don't have to. The teachers will not comment on this. 
Just please take into consideration that the discussion of the homework is part of the class, so please remain relaxed so others can discuss their homework.

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