Career Package

Learn how to create job application documents and practice a job interview

  • Small classes – 3 - 5 students

  • Strong focus on your personal needs

  • Small family-run school - very personal service

For those who:

  • are interested in working in Austria
  • want to learn how to write a CV & job applications in German
  • want to prepare for a job interview in German language

Career Package includes:

  • 4 weeks of tuition on Friday
  • all learning materials, including Alingua Concordis booklets
  • a lot of useful information material about Vienna
  • Alingua Concordis Certificate
Course Duration Group Tuition
Career Package 4 weeks Fri
Dates Twice a year – please check the starting dates here!
Size of classes 3 - 5 students per class
Level of language knowledge You need a good working knowledge of German, intermediate – advanced learners
Duration 4 weeks
Special You will have the opportunity to get your job applications (CV & application letter) checked and practice a job interview
Units 14 units in total, 3 units of group tuition per date, one 15-minute coffee break per date + 2 units of individual tuition
Course times The course starts at 17:00
Teachers The lectures will be held by a German speaking native teacher who has a lot of knowledge and insight about the job market and how to create German job applications
Methods of teaching/learning Communicative & intercultural approach, collective gathering of specialized terminology & important phrases, discussions, individual work, response to student quetions, lecture, related to practice
Class rooms Class rooms are rented according to bookings. Early bookings are therefore very important for us. Please register early and you'll get a 15% Early Bird discount!
1 Unit 45 minutes
Minimum age 16 years
Fees Please check our course fees here!

Advantages of mini groups

Our classes do not exceed 5 persons but may very well be even smaller. The fewer students per class the more intense the tuition will become.

  • You will be able to ask a lot more questions concerning your current situation (work or studies)
  • The learning experience is much more intense than in a larger group
  • The fewer students, the more intense the tuition becomes.
  • We can focus better on the needs of everybody.

Contents of Course

Group Tuition

Our career package consists of 4 lectures.

  • Lecture I “How to Write a CV in German”

  • Lecture II “Interpretation of Austrian Job Offers"

  • Lecture III "Writing adequate motivational letters in German”

  • Lecture IV “Preparation for a Job Interview in German language”

Please note: we are no job agency, therefor we are not allowed to convey jobs! We will only help you interpret your job offers and help you write your job applications from a language-point-of-view!

Check of your Application Documents & Practice of Job Interview

First we will teach you how to create a CV and a cover letter in German, then you will have to fabricate these important documents at home. After you have written them, you will give them to a teacher who can then read and correct them. Afterwards you will sit together and he or she will tell you how to enhance your documents and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

We will also help you to prepare for a German job interview by providing often-asked questions & exercising good answers, important phrases and terminology, etc. You will have then the opportunity to practice a job interview with a teacher: you will choose a job offer that applies to your interest and skills and give it to your teacher, so that he or she can prepare a job interview with you. After the interview you will be given feedback.

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