Austrian and Viennese Cuisine


Austrian cooking tradition has been inspired by many cultures. Throughout the centuries the Italien and French cuisine as well as the Bohemian and Hungarian cuisine influenced the Viennese cuisine.

However, throughout the City you will also find a lot of international restaurants: no matter what your heart desires – Italien, French or Mexican, Asian, Oriental or Mediterranean, Vegetarian restaurants and Vegan dishes, you will find it in Vienna.

Here we have listed some of the most popular dishes of Austrian and Viennese Cuisine.

Soups are a common appetizer in Vienna. Most popular is a beef broth with semolina dumplings, liver dumplings or pancake slices.

Gulasch – is of Hungarian origin. A beef ragout with onion and sweet paprika in plenty of sauce.
Wiener Schnitzel – a breadcrumbed and fried veal escalope/cutlet
Eiernockerl – egg dumplings
Frankfurter, Käsekrainer, Debreziner, Burenwurst – different kind of sausages
Germknödel – yeast dumpling
Kaiserschmarren – a dessert of chopped, sugared pancakes with stewed plums
Marillenknödel – apricot dumplings
Palatschinken – Viennese crepes
Rindsuppe – beef soup
Sachertorte – chocolate cake
Schinkenfleckerl – pasta with ham
Schweinsbraten – roast pork
Selchfleisch – smoked meat
Tafelspitz – boiled beef
Zwiebelrostbraten – onian roast beef
Powidltascherl – little potato pastry cases filled with plum jam
Topfenstrudel – Thin pastry with a filling of curd cheese and raisins.
Apfelstrudel – appel-filled pastry
Linzer Torte -
Schanigärten - Don't forget to check out the so-called “Schanigärten” - they are outdoor restaurants

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