Culture and leisure program

We want to offer you the opportunity to get to know as much of our culture as possible.

On the first Monday we organize a nice “get-together”, where we can get to know each other in a pleasant ambiance.

We will e.g. present you a Viennese pastry or visit a classical Viennese coffeehouse. We will have the opportunity of talking together in a pleasant ambiance and you can practice your German in an easy, informal way.

During your stay we will organize a cooking workshop for you where you will learn how to prepare a Viennese speciality!

Furthermore two outdoor activities are planned:

  • We visit the graves of some of the most famous composers of the world (Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, Strauß Father+Son) who found their last resting place in the Vienna Central Cemetery.
  • Join us on our walking&talking tour through the city or along the Danube.

Taking part in our cultural and leisure activities is a great opportunity of practicing your German.

Our social program therefor offers the best mix of practicing and improving your German skills and immersing in Austrian and Viennese culture.

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