Individual Tuition

Intense one-to-one lessons - only you and your teacher

Units per week Units per day Tuition days
6 Units 2 Units Mon, Wed & Fri
8 Units 2 Units Mon - Thurs
10 Units 2 Units Mon - Fri
9 Units 3 Units Mon, Wed & Fri
12 Units 3 Units Mon - Thurs
15 Units 3 Units Mon - Fri

Individual tuition includes:

  • Choose the number of units you like/week of individual tuition (one-to-one lessons)
  • all learning materials, including Alingua Concordis booklets
  • homework and/or tests (according to your wishes)
  • a lot of useful information material about Vienna
  • Alingua Concordis Certificate
Dates Starts every Monday year round
Size of classes only you and your teacher
Level of language knowledge from total beginner to perfection
Duration We recommend 2 weeks at a minimum. If you want to stay longer than 6 weeks please check with our office first! Thank you.
Special General German or any professional area (business, technical, medical, legal, etc.)
Units 4, 6, 8, 12 or 16 units a week
Teachers our teachers are all native speakers of German and are chosen to be of a very friendly, heartening character, so that our students feel welcomed and understood.
Methods of teaching/learning Communicative & intercultural approach, explanation/repetition of grammar & exercises, role-plays, discussions, listening comprehension, individual work, reading texts, written & oral exercises, response to student questions
Class rooms Class rooms are rented according to bookings.
1 Unit 45 minutes
Minimum age 16 years
Fees Please check our course fees here!

Course content

In one-to-one lessons you can choose any topic, any subject, any exercises you want. If you do want to specialize in a certain business area (medicine, real-estate, technical, etc.) or if you want to talk about your hobby, it is all up to you! Do you want to focus on conversation, grammar, pronunciation or improve your writing skills?

To offer you the best learning conditions, please let us know in advance, what kind of topic you would want to specialize in. If you would like to practice special technical, business, medical, etc. vocabulary, we might need to find the perfect teacher for you in advance. If there is no special subject you want to talk about, but just want to improve your General German skills no such information has to be given in advance.

We will cover various topics to help you build-up vocabulary, explain grammar and do exercises. Teachers will use different methods to exercise and help you use and remember the newly learned words and grammar matters like small role-plays, listening comprehensions, fill-in texts, writing exercises, etc.

We do not only teach German but we also want to share as much of our culture with you as possible. Therefor we often work with texts about Austrian and Viennese culture. This way you will get to know more about our traditions and people, our feasts, history and monuments.

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